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City Square Coaching Center evaluates the true values and performances of the employees of your company, through its services.

Our main mission is to consolidate the evolution of each employee performance and help to his professional development.

For a person to be a good employee it is necessary that the company he is working for understands his development needs, both professional and personal. This is why, the participation of employees to various trainings specific to their job is extremely important.


City Square Coaching Center supports professional development.

City Square Coaching Center consultants are professionals constantly formed in a continuous professional development.

Our team has certified counselors, integrated in a continuous process of development in the Austrian Master of Coaching and Mediation al Training Center for NLP/NLPt

We provide counseling and consultancy for companies to support them in finding training and formation programs that adapts perfectly to theirparticular needs and requirements.

City Square Coaching Centeroffers permanent consultancy on the entire period of trainings.


A very important service provided by City Square Coaching Center is consulting of future leaders of the department. Our consultants apply counseling services to make a simple employee become a specialist in his job, a true leader and a manager of department or organization.

Being a manager isn’t the same with being a boss or a leader of the company. Real management is a complex activity that involves leadership as well besides the effective part of management.

Lately this has been neglected and misunderstood but leadership is the component that underlies the profitable development for each business or company. If back then it was important to exist on the market, now the difference is made by the ones who resist and who know how to do it at a high and professional level that generates profit and performance.

A very important aspect of an employee’s career development that will create benefits for the employer is “the psychology of work and human resources”.


Human Resources Management
City Square Coaching Center dedicate the entire activity of Human Resource Management, line managers who apply HR policies and strategies of the people under them in order to obtain results.
Human resource management is a central activity, strategic, being in sight of managerial leadership of the organization, hatched, undertaken and executed by managers in order to promote the interests of the organization they serve.
Adoption of human resource management is both a product and a cause of significant concentration of power in the hands of managerial leadership.
Human resource management’s objective is to rediscover the management privilege. The responsibility for human capital management specialists no longer belongs to professional managers. It is important to turn our attention to the commitment and ability of line managers to be in instruments that give life to human resource policies. It is important to turn our attention to the commitment and ability of line managers to be in instruments that give life to human resource policies.
City Square Coaching Center support line management to understand the correct management of human resources required to achieve the performance of human capital.
Why Human Resources Management?
Used by managers to gain a real competitive advantage for their companies HR performs through:
- Formation and development expertise of employees, which is crucial for skills to which can call the company
- Adaptability of employees determinesthe strategic flexibility of employer.
- Free commitment and managers’ loyalty determine ability to maintain competitive advantage.
Good things brought by human resource management? If applied correctly ...
- Managing people as essential assets for creating competitive advantage of the organization
- Aligning HR policies with general policies and organizational strategy
- Establishing rigorous compatibility between policies, procedures and personnel systems
- Creating more flexible organizations, to be able to react more promptly to changing
- Fostering teamwork and cooperation across borders intra-organizational
- Creating a strong philosophy that puts the customer first and to be shared throughout the organization
- Endowing employees with the ability to manage their own learning capacity
- Formulate rewarding strategies that support a culture of performance
- Developing employees' involvement through better internal communication
- Attracting bettercommitment between the employee and the organization
- Increasing accountability of line management in the implementation of HRM policies
- Development facilitation role of managers
People should be regarded rather as potentially valuable assets that can glow when placed in the proper light or used where they perform/belong
Nowadays, line managers have the responsibility to make the most of the human capital they have in order to get the best of them.
Human resources can be exploited in conditions of maximum efficiency through policies mutually consistent, which promotes free commitment assumed, in consequence, it stimulates the employees with the desire to act flexibly in the interest of the objective pursued by adaptable organization.
The goal of human resource management should be getting a high behavioral commitment towards meeting the agreed targets and attitude commitment reflected in a pronounced identification of the company.

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